12 Weeks – Weight Loss & No Sugar

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These blog posts are going to encourage me to lose the weight I need to and to limit my sugar.  For now- this includes the easier ones that I call the C’s- these include:  cake, candy bars, icecream, cookies & chocolate.  My goal is to lose 10 lbs in 12 weeks.  I know this is achievable & reasonable; I’ve been doing a lot of research and this is a safe amount to lose in that time frame. There are many diets/fitness regimes in which people lose 10 lbs in less than a month.

This record/journal is to also help encourage others who want to lose weight as well- I’m going to do the best I can to update in this article every day or every other day my progress, challenges and triumphs.

As a 45 year old mom of two kids I don’t often eat as healthy as I want to (sugar almost every day).   Of course I promote living an active & healthy life- but diet has been an area where I’ve fallen short.  Now, it’s catching up to me regardless of my active lifestyle.  This is where I need to step up my game.  I feel my best when I’m at a certain weight- which has generally been right around 125. I am currently at 140 lbs. I’m also 5’3- the average healthy weight for someone of this height is between 104-127 lbs.  During these next 12 weeks I know I will learn a great deal more about nutrition on my own through trial and error.  At some point I may get a nutrition specific certification.

I am still exercising 3-4 times a week.  I will not always be journaling my workouts though. They are a bit sporadic for now due to my current schedule. My workouts include a combination of at home kickboxing workouts, slow jogs, circuit training, long hikes and mountain bike rides.  Some of my workouts are 30 minutes while my hikes and bike rides are between 2-6/7 hours.

Day 1:

11:00 am- 3 cups of coffee. No food yet. I am taking an herb to curb my appetite and it’s also used to lessen the cravings for sweets.

Rest of the day- dinner/snacks:  Chicken bowl, small bag of popcorn, cheese, and almonds

Day 2:

11:00 am- 3 pancakes with syrup.  This no sugar restriction is going to be difficult.  I have to have syrup with my pancakes.  Also, pancakes are high in carbs, fat, and sugar- but low in protein & fiber.  I won’t be full for long.

Snacks: Almonds

Dinner- ??  Did not record.

Day 3:

Breakfast: 2-cups coffee with coconut oil

Lunch: Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Dinner:  Hamburger & Fries

Snacks:  1/2 Cliff Bar, almonds, 1-0Z bag of Cheetohs, and 1/2 banana.

Day 4: 

Breakfast:  Black grapes, 1-oz bag of Lays Classic Chips

Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza

Dinner: Steak Frites, salad, and fries

Snacks: Almonds

Day 5:

Breakfast: Coffee, 1 cup of chocolate milk (I know – this is cheating)

Lunch: Egg & Potato breakfast burrito

Dinner: Tacos

Snacks: Almonds, 1-oz Cheetohs

Day 6:

Breakfast:  Coffee

Lunch: 3- egg & cheese taquitos, 1-5 oz yogurt

Dinner: Chicken and Broccoli rice bowl, 2 slices of bread

Snacks: Tortilla chips, dark chocolate bark thins (they still have almonds), 2-Kind Breakfast Bar

Day 7: 

Breakfast: Coffee, and 1/2 cup of chocolate milk

Lunch:  4 Egg & Cheese taquitos

Dinner:  Chicken Pasta with Broccoli

Snacks:  20- Salt/pepper chips, 1-oz bag of skinny popcorn and walnuts.


Week 1 Analysis:  I have a long way to go.. I eat at different times of the day, every day.  You’ll see after two days I just stopped with the specific timeframes.  I think knowing the times I eat is important so I’m going to do my best to record when I eat. I need to be more purposeful in planning so I’m not eating taquitos.  Other than the chocolate milk, yogurt  and bark thins I’ve managed to stay away from my usual sweets.  The herb I’m taking to help suppress my appetite is called Gymnema Sylveste Leaf. I do believe it’s helping to curb my cravings- so far I’ve lost  2 lbs.

Day 8: 

Brunch: 10:30 am- Coffee, Yogurt (23 grams of sugar):  4 Egg & Cheese taquitos

Dinner: Shrimp & Quinoa

Snacks:  P3 Protein pack, .65 oz Skinny Pop

Day 9: 

Brunch: 11am, Bagel w/PB

Dinner: Chick Fil A- Chix Sand & Fries

Snacks: Yogurt, chips, cereal

Day 10:

Breakfast: Coffee & 2 Tblsp of PB

Lunch: Chili & Corn Bread

Dinner:  Apple & Walnut Salad

Snacks:  Kettle chips, Keto Ice cream bar (I’m not counting since it’s Keto)  ;P

**The Herb supplement I’m taking actually changed the taste of this icecream bar. I typically really like Keto icecream- but it did not taste the same.  This is what others have said about Gymnema Sylveste Leaf as well.

Day 11:

Breakfast: 8:30 am, Eggs & 1/2 Bagel

Lunch: 2pm, Chicken & Salad

Dinner: None (Still feed my kids of course! My diet & appetite is now slightly different from theirs).  🙂

Snacks: Lemonade & cereal at 8pm.

Day 12: 

Brunch: 11:15 am, Eggs, 1/2 Bagel, 4 pieces of Bacon

Dinner:  Raviolis with Pesto

Snacks:  Trail Mix @ 11 am, Nachos @ 2:30 pm

Day 13:

Brunch: 11:30 am, 2 eggs-1/2 bagel, 4 Bacon

Lunch: Skipped

Dinner: Ravioli with Pesto sauce, salad

Snacks: Bean chips, Choc almond milk, bean chips, 1-Keto Fat Bomb

Day 14: 

Brunch: 11:30 am, 2 eggs, 1/2 bagel, 4 Bacon

Lunch: Skipped

Dinner: Personal Pizza

Snack- 1 Doughnut.  🙁    Used the doughnut for an image I needed in one of my articles. I couldn’t let it go to waste….

Day 15:

Breakfast:  9am, Banana & PB Smoothie,

Lunch: Skipped

Dinner: Panda Express

Snacks:  Apples, Carrots, and Cheese w/Ranch,  Bean Chips, 2 Kind Bars

Day 16:

Breakfast- P3 Protein Pack

Lunch: Cheese Quesadilla

Dinner: TBD

Snacks:  Rice Krispy Treat, 1 Kind Bar, Carrots with Ranch

Day 17

Breakfast- Strawberry Crepes

Lunch: none

Dinner: Fish, salad, broccoli

Snacks: kind bar, bean chips, and ice cream.

Week 2 Analysis: 

Need to consolidate the week into each category instead: Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks..and times for each.  ??  I always have two cups of coffee before 10am- with almond creamer and/or coconut oil.  I need to start eating more at the same time each day and more of the same foods.  I’m still at 138- the scale isn’t budging. I exercised an average of thirty minutes every day this week. Sweets that I had that are on my off limits include the Rice Krispy treat, ice cream and a Doughnut. It’s been so hard to not eat sugar.  I quit eating bacon too for several reasons (a number of different reasons). Started eating again lately. Perhaps to make up for the sugar I’m not eating?  It’s satisfying to me right now  (said no vegetarian ever).

Week 3: Oct. 18-24

Breakfasts: 1/2 bagel, eggs, P3 Protein pack, 1-0Z Doritos,

Lunches: Banana/PB smoothie, taquitos, Skipped 1

Dinners: Taquitos, chicken, baked potato, salad, steak, bread

Snacks: Carrots w/Ranch, P3 protein packs, kind bars, dark chocolate

Off Limit Foods:  Rice Krispy treats, 1-0Z bag of Doritos.

Workouts:  TBD


Week 3 Analysis: 

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