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Okay- so now that I’ve explained the Title let’s get into the details.  🙂

This was a photo shoot that I did in Downtown Phoenix during the middle of the day.  The best times for portraits are close to sunrise and sunset, but it’s nice to be able to take photos any time you want!  I took a series of photos that afternoon in several different locations, but for this blog I am going to focus on the photoshopping of the butterflies.

Before I forget- this image is inspired by the Photography geniuses Sorrelle Amor and Kika (kutovakika).  Sorrelle wears black in many of her photos and Kika integrates butterlies, flowers, etc. in her images.  Regarding my attire- I’ve had this dress for many years and have only worn it once. This is the most skin I’ll ever show (unless I’m in a bathing suit).  Even though attire has changed a lot for women over the years- I’m still a bit uncomfortable.


Canon EOS 70D, ISO-160, f 7/1, Exposure- 1/500 second, Lens-Canon 18-135mm 3.5


Since the sun was right in my face, it was easier to close my eyes.  If I didn’t close my eyes, I would have been squinting. Often in bright light, my brow furrows and looks very unattractive.

If I had a do over- I would have included my entire body.  I tried cropping this above my knees and it looked funny.  It looks like my legs are two different colors because of the shadows and I have knobby knees.

The f stop was higher (letting less light in) because the mid day sun is so bright. I wanted the background to be in focus as well.  Higher f numbers give you a deeper depth of field (where everything is in focus).



Here is the image before I photoshopped. As you can see, this one is lighter than the first image. I did increase the contrast and saturation and also cropped on the first one.  I also placed a butterfly on my stomach to hide my belly and the wrinkle in my dress.   I actually wear biker shorts under my dresses so when I hit the shutter release on my camera phone app, I can slip the phone in the back of my shorts.


Canon EOS 70D, ISO-400, f 5/6, Exposure- 1/400 second, Lens 50mm f 1/4


I took the photo at my neighborhood park initially for a different image.  Now I can use these butterflies for different photos.  This is a screen shot I took from Photoshop. I used the quick selection tool to outline the butterfly like you see here (the dotted lines).  Then- I copied and pasted the butterfly into my other photo.  With the transform tool you can resize and move objects around.



This is my Tri-Pod and the background I was working with. I drove around until I found an empty alley.  No one inquired about why I was there -it was great!  My lesson I learned here is to never underestimate a location. Sometimes what you may think is a bad background will actually work.


What are your thoughts on this shoot and the editing?  Whether you’re a pro or a novice- I’d love to hear from you.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Have…and Amazing Day!!

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