Classy Cowgirl

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I first thought of using a cowgirl hat when I took the first two pics at the Superstition Museum in Apache Junction, AZ.  This is a great place for portraits and is fairly accessible.  I would call ahead though and ask for permission.  I don’t believe that you will be charged if you take them there for personal reasons.  If you are going to be taking photos for commercial purposes, then I do think they will charge.



I had a lot of fun with this particular photo shoot. I wore a skirt that I had from one of my previous costumes.  I thought my cowgirl hat went well with the background- the cactus, dark wood behind me and the shrubs. Very westernish for sure!  If I could do a rerun- I would have taken a number of different shots in this particular location. The expression on my face is not ideal- I was going for that pouty model look, and well, it just did not turn out.  Lol.



On this image, I lightly photoshopped my eyes.  Underneath was a bit darker due to my hat.  I have a quick method of erasing dark shadows under the eyes!  At some point, I’m going to do a video on it.



This was the first image I took of me in a cowgirl hat at Evelyn Hallman park.  This was more of an experimentation- haha.



So far Scorpion Gulch has been my favorite location for the Western type photography.  The building is old, rustic and has some incredible character.  So many windows, doors and framing options oh my! I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I was here.  The first time I went was to check the place out. It was filled with photographers by the time the sun set.  It’s an extremely popular place. The second time I was there it was cold, wet and rainy- perfect! Not one photographer. I didn’t get that “golden light”, but I didn’t care.  With so many other people there I wouldn’t have been able to do my thing.  🙂


It was a blast using my cowgirl hat at these three different locations.  Certain hats work better in particular locations than others.  If I lived in Alaska or Iceland- the cowgirl hat probably wouldn’t work.

Have other ideas for props that you think would work well in these locations?  Would love to hear your comments- please leave below!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post- and Amazing Day!!

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