Downtown Phoenix

This photo shoot was a lot of fun!  I initially set out to take pictures at two big murals in Downtown Phoenix. Upon further inspection, I noticed they had No Trespassing Signs.  I did not want to take the chance so I ended up driving around for a bit until my first stop was an Alley.

A quick side note- I currently do not have the fanciest equipment. I’m not sharing this in an apologetic sort of way.  I am mentioning this because I’ve known many people in my life that didn’t get started in what they loved because they didn’t think they were good enough or didn’t have the right resources.

If you want to get into photography or start taking beautiful self-portraits, just start with where you are now! Over time, you can get better camera body, lenses, etc.  There is no time like the present.  🙂


Canon EOS 70D, ISO-160, f 7/1, Exposure- 1/500 second, Lens-Canon 18-135mm 3.5


This was the first image I took in the Alley.  I called this Beauty in All – read about why in my other post and see how I edited the butterflies in using Photoshop.


Canon EOS 70D, ISO-160, f 7/1, Exposure- 1/125 second, Lens-Canon 18-135mm 3.5


I took this photo at a Mexican restaurant; in many cases they are painted with bright fun colors.  I believe in Tucson there are more areas/neighborhoods that have brightly colored doors. So fun!

Canon EOS 70D, ISO-160, f 7/1, Exposure- 1/125 second, Lens-Canon 18-135mm 3.5


This is in basically the same spot- this brick feature was 2 feet from the door. As you can see, I photoshopped this image to be lighter than the first one. I like it better actually.


EOS 70D, ISO-160, F/7.1, 1/200, Lens-Canon 18-135mm 3.5


This was my favorite image of all because of the Mural.  I was so happy when I found this one after my disappointment of the No Trespassing signs.  I did photoshop the birds- you can see how I did that here.  The place where I took these photos had very limited traffic too.  I get a little bit self conscious when I’m taking self portraits and there are a lot of people around.



I just had to do this- pretend to pain the mural.  HaHa!   This ideas was inspired by one of my favorite photographers- Kika.


What are your thoughts on the Downtown Phoenix scene for Portraits?  Please leave a comment!


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      Thank you! It has been fun trying different poses, props, etc. I am using myself as a model while I learn. 🙂

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