Face Diapers

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People have been wearing masks for a year and half now. Remember the initial- “Only two weeks to slow the spread”? This whole situation with the masks is very disappointing and frustrating.  So many studies have proven that they just don’t work.  No one wears the N95 masks- this is the only type of mask that truly keeps the virus out. If you are still wearing the mask, I encourage you to reconsider.  They are not healthy- you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide.  Seeing the kids wear these in the schools breaks my heart.

Aside from being unhealthy-Kids are missing social and non verbal skills.  These masks are symbolic for obedience and control.  Please stop with labeling those who say this as conspiracy theorists.  Isn’t it enough seeing the liberal politicians who don’t abide by their own rules??  They know the masks don’t do shit!!  It is time to stand up- just say no or don’t shop/buy from the places that are still requiring them.  All of this goes for the vaccines too-  all this back and forth BS.  If you’re vaxed but still need a mask?  And your still not immune from the variants? The politicians are not responsible for our health.  And they don’t care about our health- they just want compliance.  I applaud States like Florida that are standing up for the individual rights of the citizens. There was a Social experiment on YouTube-  asking people if the unvaxed should go to jail. And people saying yes!  Are you $&@$ kidding me??  This experiment was done in the USA even.  If someone is vaxed- Then they should be protected from the virus right??  If not- then what’s the point of getting the mad jab in the first place!?

What is happening now is not right-  I had to speak my mind.  All of our voices/actions can make a difference!!

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