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Welcome to my Fitness & Photography Blog!  Today is my first post introducing this Blog. This will mainly be outdoor photography-  nature, activity, people and self-portraits.  I have loved photography since High School- taking photos with film and then editing in the dark room.



This past month, for whatever reasons I have become obsessed with photography.  I am starting an official blog that will incorporate my photography. I wanted to start right away so I will stay motivated, continue to challenge myself, and teach others.  Blog posts/topics will include photoshop, top AZ locations, props, people and places. I will tie my photography into my outdoor endeavors whenever possible.  Not everyone can travel- so I want to eventually be a great resource for people to see the variety of imagery possible in AZ!

These posts will also include some self- portraits. By taking my own portraits, I am more efficient with learning. I can go out myself whenever I have time and don’t need to get a model.  I shared with someone the other day that I’ve been taking self-portraits. They said I was a narcissistic and quickly followed up with that they were joking. If they really meant it….that’s okay..

I have been pondering this age of “selfies” and why I am now exploring the world of Self Portraits.  For humans in general, it is my belief that vanity does play a minor role, but also goes much deeper.  People want to be remembered while they are on this planet. They want to know their life matters and by capturing moments with a camera is one way to achieve this.

If you read my bio- I wasn’t very attractive in High School and was made fun of a lot.  I had a huge gap in my teeth that didn’t get fixed until College.  I feel more confident now that I don’t have the gap anymore.  🙂

Also, at 44, I am happy with my health, mind, and my body.  I want to share my experiences and the beauty of AZ with others.   I want to be an inspiration for those who want to be active in the outdoors and want to take beautiful images of themselves besides the typical selfie.

Thanks for taking the time to read- and Have…an Amazing Day!!



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