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Welcome to my Fitness & Photography Blog!  Today is my first post introducing this Blog. This will mainly be outdoor photography-  nature, activity, people and self-portraits.  I have loved photography since High School- taking photos with film and then editing in the dark room.



This past month, for whatever reasons I have become obsessed with photography.  I am starting an official blog that will incorporate my photography. I wanted to start right away so I will stay motivated, continue to challenge myself, and teach others.  Blog posts/topics will include photoshop, top AZ locations, props, people and places. I will tie my photography into my outdoor endeavors whenever possible.  Not everyone can travel- so I want to eventually be a great resource for people to see the variety of imagery possible in AZ!

These posts will also include some self- portraits. By taking my own portraits, I am more efficient with learning. I can go out myself whenever I have time and don’t need to get a model.  I shared with someone the other day that I’ve been taking self-portraits. They said I was a narcissistic and quickly followed up with that they were joking. If they really meant it….that’s okay..

I have been pondering this age of “selfies” and why I am now exploring the world of Self Portraits.  For humans in general, it is my belief that vanity does play a minor role, but also goes much deeper.  People want to be remembered while they are on this planet. They want to know their life matters and by capturing moments with a camera is one way to achieve this.

If you read my bio- I wasn’t very attractive in High School and was made fun of a lot.  I had a huge gap in my teeth that didn’t get fixed until College.  I suppose subconsciously I’m trying to make up for lost time. ?  I am not sharing this to be a woe is me story either.  This experience has been a major force in my life for wanting to help others look and feel their best!!

At 45 years of age,  I am happy with my health, mind, and my body. This is due to my activity level and passion for the outdoors.  I want to share my experiences and the beauty of AZ with others.   I want to be an inspiration for those who want to get fit in the outdoors and get amazing images along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to read- and Have…an Amazing Day!!



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