GI vs. AI

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Okay, I’m not talking about GI Jane- GI means God’s Intelligence.  And AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Now- a quick disclaimer here: I am just sharing my opinion here which I gladly invite anyone to comment as long as they are respectful.  We all have different opinions, and the benefit of having a blog is that I get to share mine.  🙂

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Alright- so here goes.  I believe as our technology progresses, that people will become more and more sedentary.  There is a huge portion (no pun intended) of our population that is seriously overweight already.  We have fast food restaurants, Amazon & grocery stores delivering right to your door, and gidgets and gadgets that people spend hours upon hours on.   Have you experienced the Gmail Email Bot yet?  It literally can finish your sentences for you.  AI isn’t necessarily a bad thing- except when it keeps people from being active.

Compare this with GI- God’s beautiful creations in Nature. Nothing can replace the smells, tastes, sights and sounds that you get by being outdoors.  Who knows- perhaps someday they’ll create Virtual Reality Recreation where you slap on a headset, sit down on the couch, and “virtually” go on a hike.  In my opinion- this would suck.  You need to actually move your body, smell the clean fresh air, and hear real birds chirp.

Obviously for my business I utilize technology- in many cases, I honestly wish I didn’t need to.  Seems like I’m being a hypocrite, but if I want this message to spread then I must use the platforms that people use.

I just encourage you to always be aware of how AI or technology in general could be keeping you from living a richer, fuller life.  Maybe you start by riding your bike vs. driving, planning a hike with a friend to talk vs, texting, or making a home cooked meal vs. eating out at a fast food restaurant.

As I stated earlier, I would love to hear your thoughts- and not have tomatoes thrown at me if your opinion differs.  Thanks for reading- and Have an amazing Day!

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