Keeping it Classy Ladies

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Kudos to Eva Shockey- who is one of the most beautiful women in the outdoors today who does keep it classy.   I like this post of hers below



I know of numerous women who are famous for toting guns, fishing poles, etc- who feel like they also have to dress provocatively to garner more likes, bumps, etc….

If you are fit- and have confidence ladies- then this is what will attract men.  Not baring your breasts on Instagram for men to drool over.  Is this really the attention that you want anyway?

This is my opinion- but when women do show themselves half dressed in FB, Instagram posts, etc- this tells me that they are insecure. Your sense of self worth needs to come from the inside- not from what others say about you.

Feel free to disagree- I would love to hear your thoughts on this particular topic.



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