Music, Motivation, and Morning Routine

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I have a morning routine that I do my best to keep when I am not in the woods camping.  This is to get up by 5:30/6am- make a cup of coffee, write in my journal, read, and then work out.  Then, I start my work by 8am using a method called Pomodoros.  The best way to get stuff done in my book- I’ll be writing a blog about how this technique helps  me to be super productive.  Anyway- when I start my day this way it puts me on a positive, efficient, and productive track for the entire day.  I don’t even look at my phone in the morning- zero news and social media.  These two will send you into a dark hole first thing in the morning.  Have your own Agenda for the mornings- don’t let the bad news or someone’s epic FB Vacay ruin your Day.


So this morning I listened to workout music that is tuned to 432 hz.  This frequency is more in alignment with our frequency than the standard hz that most American music is tuned in.  I’ll be writing a blog on this as well. This literally was some of the best workout music I’ve ever heard! This is the You Tube Channel if you want to check it out. I skipped over the ones with foul language/war related content. There are some good ones on here that are all instrumental.

Here is another You Tube Channel that discusses the difference between the two:  This is a segment from the video description:

“There’s been a debate floating around about whether instruments sound better tuned to 440 Hz or 432 Hz. While 440 is the standard tuning (and what the vast majority of songs today are tuned to) there are arguments that 432 is a better, fuller, more natural tuning. There are even extreme theories that 432 has healing properties and todays mainstream 440 usage came about from the Nazis, Illuminati, etc. because it agitates people and causes them to be aggressive”


There is a quiz on here- which I took and I am definitely a 432 hz girl.  Let me know what you think if you check this out- it could lead you on a new Musical path for sure!

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