My Goals

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I know the word goals is way overused- but I don’t have a better word so I’m sticking with it. To reach my goals, I must take incremental steps.  This one is hard for me- I just want to skip all of the in between stuff.  Like I want to be 15 lbs lighter and have a million dollars NOW.  haha

I realize though that making incremental movements towards my desire is what matters.   These are my goals I’ve set for myself and a general plan for how I’m going to get there.


  • Exercise: Flat stomach/50 pushups- Starting August 1st- do planks and pushups every day.   I will steadily increase my numbers as I move along.
  • Business: Trademark est. , continue writing 365 Blog/articles, add affiliates,  Product branded and released- I am going to start with ONE product for Misty Outdoors that is branded.
  • Healthier Eating:  Cut out sweets (already done- I just have to stick with it).  More smoothies- and less french fries.


I know I’ll tweak these as I move along- but I think this is a great start.

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