Pomodoro Technique- Make Time for What You Love

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Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?  Working hard, but not accomplishing as much as you’d like? The Pomodoro method is a way to work very systematically- where you can track your time and work so you know exactly how you are spending your time.


Using this technique has been a game changer for me!  Implementing Pomodoros took me to the next level of productivity and lowered my stress level enormously.


Chris Winfield , the founder of this approach, claims if used correctly, you can get 40 hours of work done in under 17-20 hours. Pomodoros are 25 minute time increments and the goal is to get up to at least 8 per day=  40 Poms per week.


So here’s how it functions- very simple!  You work for 25 minutes – 4 x’s in a row, with 5 minute breaks between.  Then, after 4 Poms, you take a half hour break or so and repeat 4 more times.


The Pomodoro Math

1 pom= 25 minutes (+ 5 minute break between 4)

8 poms= 4 hours

4 hours x 5 days a week= 20 hours


It is recommended to work no more than 8 poms in a day.  Allow yourself to have free time and to be creative.  What is really fantastic is how you can take these Poms and move them to Certain Days and Times.


With this technique, you can shift your Thinking into – How many Poms can I schedule today?  (Focus is on the poms)   VS.  I have so much to do- where do I possibly start?  I also found using Pomodoros helps me to not procrastinate.

Final take away:   Block out 4 hours a Day – morning or afternoon and keep this time Sacred.  Let others know this is a new technique you are using to be more efficient and less stressed!  ?

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