Running Plan: 5 Miles in 8 Weeks

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I decided to step up my game and start running. I hike and bike on a regular basis, but wanted to cross train to boost my endurance. I started out with being able to run 1 mile- and so this is where I started on my plan. There are many different strategies to choose from. I selected one that was for beginner runners and then tailored to my fitness and how much time I have.

I started this blog entry a bit later than I wanted- I am now on the 1st Week of 3 miles.


Week 1: 

Ran 1 mile- 3 different days

10 minute miles- but that’s okay.  Once I hit 5 miles, THEN I’ll work on shortening the time frame.

Week 2:

Ran 2 miles- 2 different days

10 Minute Miles. = 20 minute run

Week 3: 

3 Miles- Sunday – I felt great on my run this morning.  I can usually tell within the first few minutes if I’m going to struggle.

3 Miles- Tuesday – Felt a little bit tired. I stopped when I reached 15 minutes. I run 15 min out – and then 15 min back.

3 Miles- Thursday – Todays run was difficult for me.  I did stop half way and rest again.

10 Minute Miles = 30 minute run

Week 4:

3 Miles- Tuesday – I ran at 6am this morning.  I really enjoy running at this time because it’s a lot quieter.  I also don’t need to worry about putting on sunscreen, sunglasses or wearing my hat.  I am doing my best to minimize anymore sun damage.  Anyway, I felt pretty good. Took it slow and steady.

3 Miles- Thursday :  Did not Run

3 Miles- Sunday

10 Minute Miles still- Once I hit 5 miles I’ll work on lowering my time.  Now- on to running 4 miles for two weeks.

Week 5:

4 Miles  (To Run)

4 Miles  (To Run)

4 Miles  (To Run)

Week 6:

4 Miles  (To Run)

4 Miles  (To Run)

4 Miles  (To Run)

Week 7:

5 Miles  (To Run)

5 Miles  (To Run)

Week 8:

5 Miles  (To Run)

5 Miles  (To Run)

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