Camping Assistance

Need assistance with organizing a camping trip?   I can help you plan for your AZ Camping Excursion.  Let me help you find the perfect camping spot based on your families needs, make reservations, plan the menu and other logistics including providing maps, directions, hike descriptions — and whatever else you need to make your trip happen.

Camps All Included

If you would rather have my team and I do ALL the work- we can do this as well.  Our all inclusive camping experience includes all the food, gear (you bring sleeping bag and pad for sanitary purposes) and all the other logistics to make sure you have an amazing time!



Corporate Wellness

Want to bring in the wellness benefits of hiking to your workplace,?  With my team, we can provide your business with an extensive hiking Program or a presentation to discuss Why it’s important to be active outdoors.  

With our Hike in Performance Training, we provide 8- hiking sessions (once per week) that will be a boost for motivation, morale, and merriness in the workplace.

There is a huge difference in walking around the building a few times during lunch and hiking for a couple hours on the weekend.  Rather than rushing to get in your exercise before you return to your desk, challenge your mind and body as you trek on natural surface with elevation and beautiful scenery.

Our program includes eight weekly guided hikes, with tips on how to fit cross-training activity into your life between hikes. We can do hikes before work (a great way to get ready for the workday ahead) or after work (a nice way to wind down) or even on the weekend.  Research has shown that having positive workout partners make a difference!

If you’d like us to bring this program to your company, please let your wellness coordinator know. Contact for rates and scheduling at  or call:  520-252-0702.


Individual Hiking/Outdoor Coach

I can provide consultation services on how to get started with a hiking program- or I can join you!  Sometimes all it takes is that buddy you can count on that will hold you accountable.