Take Effortless Outdoor Self Portraits with Video

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My business partner is involved with a company that makes various bird vests. They just came out with a female version, so he asked me if I would be the model for it.  Rather than hiring a photographer, I took them myself.  These are some of the images that I was able to get from the video I took.


Normally, what would have taken me a couple of hours (at least) to get a few decent shots, I was able to complete this photo shoot in about a half hour.  Thank goodness too- the morning I took them it was already almost 100 degrees!

Anyway, so how did I go about this?

I have a Canon Camera that has video capability.  I placed my camera on the tripod and then set my camera to the video mode. Once I had my camera and tripod in place, I hit record and then went and stood in front of the camera.

I was able to move into various positions, facial expressions, etc.  without needing to run back and forth to the camera to reset the timer.  There is an app for DSLR’s now as well where you can take the photo with your phone, but I still like taking a video better.

Okay- so how do I get photos from the video then?  I have a video editing program called Camtasia that can export photos.  As I am watching the video I can hit pause and then the export on the “frames” that I like best.  These extracted photos are automatically downloaded into my chosen folder.

I haven’t looked into this option, but I’m sure there are phone apps that can also freeze frame photos from a video.  If I do experiment and take another self portrait shoot with my phone, I’ll post those results as well.


Have any experience with taking outdoor self portraits using a video camera?  Please leave your comments below.


Have an amazing day!

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