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This project has been a lot of fun for me so far.  Working on these photos made me realize this could be another main route that I go with my Photography.   After reviewing the articles on this site (and the photos I had for them) is when I decided that I would shoot my own stock photography whenever possible.  I also got a nasty gram from an image I had on one of my other sites.  I always do my best to use images that are free to use publicly!  With taking your own, you don’t ever have to be worried about getting sued if you ever use someone else’s copyrighted image.

I thought the best article to start with is “10 Essentials of Hiking”!  Having a context to take the pictures was so much easier than just trying to think of creative ideas. Once I knew I was taking stock photos for the 10 Essentials, is when the creative juices started flowing.  The place I chose was one of my favorite places in AZ- the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction.

Whether you are a YouTube creator, have your own business, or have your own hobby site, you could benefit from taking your own photos.


Below is a gallery of those I’ve taken so far-  one of them I had a lot of fun with (the sunscreen).  I also added a before and after of the product shot of the variety of snacks I take while hiking.

(Click on one of the images to enlarge and open the gallery)



Here is the product shot of the snacks before editing in Photoshop



Below is the image after editing in Photoshop.  I never fully realized the difference that editing can make until I started working more with Photoshop.  It’s not cheating- you are just bringing back the colors that the camera doesn’t capture. It’s also fun to get a bit artsy if you would like. It’s important to not blow out the colors too much though.  You can see the yellow is a light brighter and overall there is more contrast.



Taking your own stock photos is a way to improve your photography quickly!  If you have your own business, it’s also a way to improve your branding.  Think of consistent colors, styles, etc when taking and editing your photos.

Here is the article on Misty Outdoors that I’ve added these images too.

What are your thoughts on taking your own stock photography?  Would love to hear your comments below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post- and Have…an Amazing Day!!

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  1. Rick Brigg

    I tend to use Pixaby for most of my free stock images but i do try to take/use my own where possible as not only does it create more of a personal touch on the blog but as you rightly say – you avoid any awkward copyright problems. Your photos are great by the way – you definitely have an eye for it. Keep up the great work! Rick

    • admin

      Oh that’s right- Pixaby is a pretty good site for free photos.  I like your comment about it adding a more personal touch- I agree!  Thanks for your kind words- always a work in progress.  

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