Neighborhood Park Portraits

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I call this one Time Flies.  Whenever I am hiking, biking, or doing something else I love, time goes by so quickly.  I first converted this image to black and white and then edited these watches into the image.  This was an accident- since I am still learning I thought the watches were going to be black and white too. They remained in color and I like how it looks. Now I’m thinking of all the things I can do with this concept.



In this one I am riding with the butterflies.  Just like the watches, I took separate images of the butterflies and then edited them into this image.


Here is the final one- Just took this from color and converted into Black and White.  The whites are washed out and there is a tree coming out of my head.  😛   Sometimes I don’t see these things until I look at the image on my computer.  I could have edited this out- but wanted to keep it so others could learn from my mistake. Always look for objects, etc. in the background that could be distracting or sticking out of somebody’s head.

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