The Emperor is Naked – We must Fight for Our Freedoms NOW

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I had to write this article to help spread the message of what is really happening.   For those that have already been complying- how many more jabs are you going to get?  All over the world, they keep moving the goalpost.  Just one more stab to get your freedom back..   And now they want to go after our kids.  Oh Heck No!!!!

I’m not saying anything against the vaccines- I’m not an anti-vaxer.  My issue is that these are being mandated. People are having major side affects and some even dying from them.  People all over the world quitting and being fired for not taking the shot.  This is just wrong.

So why did I write the article?  Well, my purpose is to promote being active & healthy for life- but we have this ability to do so because of our Freedoms!  If the States end up like Australia- we will be fined for going outdoors- and getting exercise.  We can’t let this happen!

Below is a great video regarding the mandates, etc. Please keep an open mind. If the human race does not stick together, we are going to be prisoners in our own homes.  David Icke & Alex Jones are speaking truth- they are not nut jobs. They have been discredited over the years because they’ve been brave enough to speak the truth.

I have a feeling that most people recognize subconsciously  what is really happening- but just like in the story The Emperor Has No Clothes, people are pretending that the Emperor is not naked when indeed he is. The Covid mandates, etc. are not about health- It’s about control and power.


>>>>Watch the Video with Alex Jones Here<<<<


Here is another YouTube video on Governor DeSantis- so glad he has the balls to stand up to the Government re: these mandates.




This last one is from a well known Mountain Biker in Boise- listen to his experience.  Kyle states, “Where’s there’s risk, there should be choice”.  I couldn’t agree more!

Hopefully these videos and others like them won’t get pulled.

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