The Outdoors and Feelings of Worthiness

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It is my belief that many people today have low self esteems and do not feel worthy.  I’m not a psychiatrist- but I’m sure there these underlying beliefs that contribute to many bad habits that people have- including over eating.  Getting outdoors and being active outdoors can increase ones self confidence significantly.  This is my belief anyway.  As stated in the About Me- I grew up being teased almost every day. When I was in the outdoors though- all my self doubt would go away.

Let’s take hiking for instance.  Hiking is an outdoor activity that you can incrementally make progress on.  No one else needs to be involved- to tell you that you can’t do it or that you’re a loser.  Start off with a mile and then slowly work your way up to more distance and perhaps inclines..   I know getting fit in general can boost confidence- even when it’s in a gym.  I promote the outdoors so much instead because working out in a gym can cause one to be self conscious or have feelings of comparison.  Now if you go hiking with friends- this is different.  More than likely you won’t be comparing but instead pushing eachother to do better.  Also in nature-  you get all the additional physical and mental benefits to being in nature- such as the fresh clean air,  enhanced creativity, and stillness which gives you time to reflect about who you really are.

People have anxiety and numerous health problems because they don’t make time for themselves- and make time to get out in nature.  I don’t have exact stats, but just from a common sense perspective this is true.  My friends that are active and go hiking, rock climbing, etc. they are healthy and happy.

Give me a call if you need a kick start to getting active outdoors!

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