The Tree Pose – Benefits for Hiking

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Tree Pose is great for Hiking

I love to hike and plan on hiking the rest of my life.  I am thinking way ahead on how I can stay in the best shape even into my 90’s.  One of the yoga stances that I do that benefits me the most for hiking is the Vrikshasana  (aka the Tree Pose).  It is one of the few standing poses and is a very popular as exercise in modern yoga.

I’m not certified in Yoga and you don’t have to be either to do this. As you can see from my arms, I don’t do this pose exactly perfect but I still get the benefits.



This pose is great for hiking because it helps me with my balance, strength, relieving stress, keeping my stomach strong, and maintaining straight posture… all in one beautiful move.

This pose has served me well on many occasions; I don’t fall down when I stumble over rocks and my ankles feel strong after a very long hike.

I do this as part of my regular exercise routine as well right before I hike.  I also enjoy going on an actual Yoga Hike (where yoga is weaved into the entire hike).  So if you have been hiking for years or just getting started, I think you will find this pose a helpful addition.

There are numerous You Tube Videos on how to properly do this pose- here is a beginners Yoga Video that has solid instruction.

Are there other poses or exercises that you prefer to keep you fit for hiking?  Please leave in the comments below.

Happy Hiking!

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