Top 5 Benefits of Being Active Outdoors

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I took this of folks paddleboarding & kayaking at Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ.


Do you want to have a rockin body when you’re 70 and be as sharp as a whip??  You can do this through  being healthy and active in the Outdoors!  I know so many people that are in poor health both mentally and physically and have a host of health problems-including diabetes and high blood pressure.

I honestly believe if they literally took the steps to getting active in nature, they would see huge improvements in their health.

These benefits are not just based on my opinion- but studies and research that has been conducted. In this content, I discuss the 5 Main Benefits of Being Active Outdoors.

Benefit #1 – Stress Management

Life can be truly hectic and people have so many balls they juggle.  Family, career, personal life, commuting..the list goes on and on.  I have a relative that was so stressed from her work that she ended up with many health problems. Eventually, she got to the point where she could no longer work.

Doctors highly suggest exercise to fight disease and improve physical condition.  Exercise is so important to sustain mental fitness and reduce stress.  Studies have proven that it’s effective at improving concentration, reducing fatigue, and enhancing overall cognitive function.

When your brain feels the affects from stress- your body feels the impact as well due to the many nerve connections from the brain. Being physically active produces endorphins- and these chemicals in the brain act as a natural painkiller.  This can improve your sleep which will also reduce stress.

In addition, acupuncture, massage therapy, deep breathing, and meditation can also produce endorphins.  Even a workout that is low to moderate intensity makes you feel energized.  Even if you have only 5 minutes to exercise- get out there because this is long enough to stimulate the anti-anxiety effects.

Your mental state of being stressed can also be addressed in a positive manner by getting into nature.

Benefit #2 – Healing properties of Nature

528 Hz –

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth.

Image result for happy people on a beach

This miracle  note of the original Solfeggio musical scale is the Love frequency.  Researchers state these core creative frequencies were used by priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings.

A math scientist , by the name of Victor Showell says 528 is fundamental to the ancient Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean that is evident throughout nature.

Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) have proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring.


The 528hz frequency is also linked with the heart chakra and is believed to stand for Love, and “Miracle”. In fact, Dr. Leonard Horowitz proclaimed,


“528 cycles per second is literally the core creative frequency of nature. It is love.” This particular frequency adapted the name “Miracle” because of its use through history to heal and repair DNA, as observed by genetic biochemists.

So is it no wonder why you feel so much peace when you get outdoors into nature?  This is a photo of a flower I took not too long ago while I was hiking.  The geometry on this flower just blew me away.  They all have five points- except for one of them.  Exactly in the middle is part of the flower that has four.  I looked all over the flower- this was the only one that had four.  You can draw your own conclusions, but  this is no accident- it is by Design.  God showing his magnificent love for each of us through Nature.


528Hz also sits at the center of the electromagnetic spectrum which vibrates the color green (transposed from visible light to the audible range)

This is why chlorophyll, the green part of plants responsible for converting light into energy, covers the Earth and provides the energy basis for the food chain.

Benefit #3 – Increases Creativity

I go absolute bananas with my camera when I’m in nature.  I especially love to take my camera with me when I go hiking.  I have seen so many beautiful and unique things that I wouldn’t see otherwise. I know I am truly more creative with my photography when I’m in the Wilderness vs. In the City.

Getting into nature is a powerful way to counteract the constant distractions of the digital life.  Nature elevates higher order thinking, can restore attention and boost creativity.   A study conducted in 2012 found that

Backpackers were 50 percent more creative after they had spent four days out on the trail. They were given several tests of creative thinking—for example, they were presented with a set of words (for example: blue, cake, cottage) and asked to figure out the unifying word (cheese). Upon their return, the hikers performed twice as well on the tests. “People were actually solving the problems more creatively after they had unplugged in nature,” he says.


The stream of emails, texts, phone calls, etc. place a huge burden on the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the region involved in multitasking and higher-order thinking (like critical thinking and problem solving). These demands add up to drain our resources that make us pay attention, creating distraction and fatigue—which in turn makes it even more difficult to focus, and think of new ideas.

Benefit #4 – Better than the Gym


The Gym can get monotonous.  I don’t know about you, but I love knowing that my work out is going to be different every time- based on the trail I choose.  The environment is different as well depending on the weather, and your surroundings.  When you go to a gym- the same equipment is in the same place every day and more than likely you also see the same people.  For me- the analogy of “being on the Hamster Wheel” is so apparent in a gym.  I need my solo time as well which you will never get in a gym.

The air is better outside. The fresh air you breath outside is far superior to the recycled air you breathe in a gym. The fresh clean air will give you more energy as well. 20 minutes of being active outdoors is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects.

You’ll burn more calories. To burn calories in a gym, you are stuck with either the elliptical or treadmill.  Yes- you can adjust the incline, but there is no comparison to the terrain of the outdoors. When you go hiking for example- you will use muscles that you never even knew you had.

Increased vitamin D levels. Known as the “sunshine vitamin” it’s proven to affect everything from cancer development to mental health. Many Americans do not get enough vitamin D from spending too much time indoors.  The more vitamin D you absorb through your skin from outside, the better your body is able to absorb it.  Living in AZ people often think that we get plenty of Vitamin D but this isn’t necessarily true. It is so hot during the summers that most Arizonians spend time indoors unless they are at the pool.

Feel like a Rock Star. According to a recent study, it was discovered that working out outside has a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than just going to the gym. By exercising outdoors, you can reduce stress, tension and anger and minimize symptoms of depression.  One trait of depression is feeling like you don’t have control over your life.  With exercise and especially getting outdoors- it is something that is within your control.  Just like Ernestine who started working at after she was 50- it is NEVER too late!


Benefit #5 – Fun and Social

Go to the mall with your friends for fun?  I realize the mall can be a fun place to go hang out- but it does not promote health.  The fluorescent lights, greasy food in the court, and noise from the crowds are not the best inputs for your mental and physical health.  Malls are by design meant to distract you with all of the smells and loud music blaring from some of the stores.  A much better way to connect with your friends and family is to go be active outdoors.

If you have a limited number of people that enjoy the same activities- then you can always join different groups.  The one that is most common and you could find any type of group on there is   This is NOT a dating site- but a place where you find many other people that like the same thing as you.  My friends where I currently live don’t really play tennis- so I am in a tennis meet up for this reason.


In Conclusion:

Being active outdoors on a regular basis will  decrease your overall levels of tension, elevate mood, improve sleep and self-esteem, boost creativity and help you meet some amazing people that love to be active!  So, the fact that you are reading this is no accident either- it’s time for you to take action and change your life!

Have thoughts, questions- or something you’d like to share?  Please leave a comment- I am always happy to hear from my outdoor friends!

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  1. Nate MC

    I can attest for all these benefits. In general, I feel a ton better by being outside regularly. In fact, I get outside at least 1-2 times per day, every single day. Been doing it for the last few years and it has made a huge positive impact on my life. From reducing stress to uplifting my mood and keeping me in a creative mindset, the benefits have come in abundance! 

    And I’m glad that there are plenty of studies that back up these benefits. 

    • admin

      Hello Nate-  glad to hear that you enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis!  I’m sure you will continue to live a long and healthy life.  

  2. jessetoikkanen

    Very nice article about the benefits of being active outdoors. These are so fundamental and simple things but still, so often we don’t follow these and have time enough outdoors.  Healing properties of nature is also very underrated nowadays I would say. Because I live in the forest, I like to walk without any shoes during the summer.  Thanks for a great article, I will take a further look at your website!
    Kind regards -Jesse

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