Wall Flower

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Ever felt like a Wall Flower?  Where no matter what you told yourself that it just didn’t make you feel better?  This idea popped in my head when I was thinking about how boring the brown brick wall is in my back yard. Could I make a photo out of this that is remotely exciting?  I still had these brown clothes in my closet, so I came up with this idea.  I thought the little mud clogs that my son threw on the wall a while ago added some nice flair.

I actually did feel like a Wall flower in High School. With being made fun of all the time I wasn’t confident at all- and at times it was difficult for me to even say what was on my mind.  I never wanted to have anyone judge me further.  So- this was the idea that arose from some of my High School experiences.  My flower was dying (the need to be quiet, etc) so another fresh flower was  being given to me…



I kept my face covered with my hair as a symbol of wanting to be invisible. That feeling where you just know everyone is starting at you- thinking this or that.  I am still self conscious about my hands- but I am not going to photoshop them.  My hands are part of who I am. Definitely showing the signs of aging. I am just thankful that I can still use them to hug my kids, hold hiking poles, and ride my Mountain Bike.



This was the original image. I made the final one a bit darker so the flower would stand out.



Right now my forced perspectives are super simple. I took this photo separately- and then using the quick selection tool- I did a copy and paste.  Once you paste the flower into the other image, (In Photoshop), you will go to the Transform Tool- to scale and/or rotate.



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