Wearing Black for Portraits in Nature

I have found that I’m turning to black outfits quite a bit for many of my outdoor portraits.  It is my opinion that this color works well for the AZ Landscape.  One of my favorite female photographers (Kika)  suggests wearing white. I think this color works well for her and her style. Some of the clothing she recommends includes white flowing blouses, overalls, and long skirts with sweaters.  I mention this because I tried some of these looks. I’ve tried some of these clothes and it has not worked.  Maybe I just haven’t found the right style yet.

With this said- black has been one of my go to colors. I actually picked this style up from another one of my favorite photographer ladies- Sorelle Amore.  She wears black in many of her images- and it definitely works with her style.


Here are a variety of images where I’ve work black.  I took these in different places throughout Phoenix/surrounding areas.


This was one of the first self-portrait shoots that I did. This location has a beautiful lake, trees, and flowers (at certain times of the year).

Evelynn Hallman Park



Looks are deceiving- I was two inches off the ground. It’s all in the editing. 🙂    It was fun to pretend that I was free climbing and hanging on for dear life.  I use to climb a lot in college and I would always wear a harness!

South Mountain


Trying to do something different..

Coon Bluff


In this image, I was definitely trying to break out of my comfort zone. I didn’t give this pose too much thought- just wanted to try different poses.



In the majority of pictures I have with my on my bike, I’m wearing my helmet. I needed some head shots for a few of the Mountain Biking apps I use so I decided to take this at my neighborhood park.


What are your thoughts on wearing black for outdoor portraits?  What other colors, fabrics, designs do you think could work just as well?

Appreciate your comments- and thanks for taking the time to read this post. Have…an Amazing Day!!

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