White Mountain Camps – The Set Up

AOA Canvas Tent in the White Mountains


I was reflecting this morning how truly blessed I am to be able to play in the Outdoors for a Living.  As the Co-Director for a Non-Profit that provides youth outdoor programming, I get to spend a lot of time camping and enjoying various types of outdoor recreation. Most importantly though- is that I get to be a part of taking kids to experience the Great outdoors.

I just returned from setting up camp in the White Mountains of AZ.   Our camps our 5 months long- so our set up is quite extensive and typically takes 1 – 2 weeks. We have three large Canvas tents plus 10 or so smaller tents that we set up.  We bring all the supplies in from a “local” storage unit.  The Canvas Tents take a long time to set up- and typically two people are needed.

Here are some images from our camps- as the season continues I’m definitely going to writing more blogs and posting more pics.


If you have a Youth Organization and are interested in taking your kids camping, contact me!

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