I am on a mission to get as many people outdoors as possible! I am passionate about inspiring others to live a healthy and active life in nature.  For those who want to be active and get fit, outdoor exercise and activity is the perfect solution. You will find peace in your life from being out in nature.

Aside from my two kids, my life is all about the Outdoors.  I am from Idaho so I grew up spending a lot of time playing outdoors.  Some of my favorite memories are having family reunions in the South Hills and playing disc golf with my Dad and Uncles.

These experiences have stayed with me through adulthood and now my entire life is based around the outdoors. I am fortunate and blessed to live the outdoor life.

In nature is where I have always felt where I belonged. Until I was 18 years of age, I had a large gap in my front teeth and was always teased. When I was in the Outdoors – I could be me and not worry about being judged. It was through being active outdoors that I maintained my confidence and self-worth.

I want to provide this inspiration for others that want to feel alive- want their energy back to spring out of the bed in the morning and be ready for whatever comes their way.

I love to explore & be active throughout Arizona and photograph the beauty along the way. I’ve taken all of the images on this site; I’m sharing this part of my collection so you can see some of the amazing places in AZ.  I encourage you to check out my Meetup (Join at no cost),  contact me for personalized outdoor fitness training or a customized Fitography Hike.

Whether you want to start hiking, lose weight or get involved in the Outdoor Community. You’ve come to the right place! Now is the time to change your life- forever.