Flagstaff Snow Park: True Winter Fun

I took my kids sledding to the Flagstaff Snow Park and it was an absolute blast! Our usual spot in Flagstaff closed down unfortunately- and so last year we didn’t go.  I just found out about this park- it has been in business for over 4 years.  This location near Fort Tuthill County Park is conveniently right off the freeway.  You don’t even need to drive through Flagstaff at all (if you’re coming from Phoenix).  So, I wanted to share a few photos I took while we were there.


Below are my kids- we are walking to the actual sledding area which takes about two minutes from where you check in.  I would highly suggest purchasing tickets online and before you arrive- because there is no guarantee you’ll get service. You will also need to complete waivers for each person who goes.


Checking it out when we got there-  The orange snow tubes are for the tiny tots.  Every hill has a different color.


The Red hill is fun- but not the steepest one.


Very popular place- it’s the safest Snow Park I’ve been to.  Employees make sure that everyone takes their turns and because the only tubes allowed are theirs, you don’t run the chance of a hard sled running into you.  There are two fire pits in case you get cold- and they also sell Smore kits for $4.00.  The hot chocolate is pretty tasty too.  There are also food trucks in case you get hungry and as you can see- plenty of tables to eat at.


This was the last run we went on- it was the steepest and fastest.  I believe this one had Teal Tubes.  The pathways can be slippery- but there are ropes on each side to hold onto.  These mats are designed to slowly stop the tubers.

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