Never Give Up – Pursue Your Passions and Halt the Haters

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I am writing this post to encourage my readers to keep going and never give up!  This applies of course to a dream or goal that means so much to you that it’s all you practically think about.  If you smoke or have some other bad habit, then of course – please give it up now.

I have people in my life that are truly an inspiration- but the one that you may be more familiar with is Sylvester Stallone.  Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins shares a story of how he got started in the movie industry.  He was on the brink of being homeless – and was rejected from hundreds of studios before his script was accepted. Stallone was told that he was too ugly and stupid to be in movies and that no one would want to watch him.




One night he had a revelation and wrote the script to Rocky so he could actually star in his own movie.  At first he was told no and that someone else would play Rocky.  Stallone stood firm and they finally accepted.  According to Robbins- they gave him $25,000.

I love this story because it shows the true fight in his life started before he ever showed up in films.  How many people would have quit just after the first time of being told no?  I’m sure many people would have.  I think the Rocky series is up to 6 or 7 now- and really is a great story.

Speaking of scripts, what are the worn out words you tell yourself every day or criticism you hear from others?  Do you let past and current criticism from others control you?  As noted in my About Me- I was teased pretty much every single day in school.  I had this huge gap in my teeth and I was really little.  Mighty Mouth (Mighty Mouse Reference) & Gap were two of the most common names I was called.

I am not sharing this so you can feel sorry for me. My passion (The Outdoors) and sharing my love of the outdoors with others is my Why.  I have never given up on this dream and now it’s come true.   I could have let these times in my life control me even to this day.  My self talk is positive though- I don’t ever tell myself that I’m stupid, etc. even when I make a mistake.  Speaking negatively about yourself is even worse than having someone else criticize you.



It was 3 years ago my Corporate job ended (that’s another story) so this is when I decided to pursue my current vocation.  I have faced obstacles along the way, and there were times when I wanted to quit.  I had people tell me, Why don’t you get a real job?   I loved being a trainer in the Corporate World, but the outdoors is my passion. When I face obstacles now, I see it as a challenge.  If a business transaction falls through for instance I see this as an opportunity to improve and grow.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

I shared a little bit about my story to provide encouragement if you are in a situation right now where you want to give up.  This might be cliche, but it’s very true- there is always a Way.  If you want to start a business and you work full time– work on this business during the evenings and weekends.  Make this a priority!  If you want to lose weight- set those exercise and food goals and follow them. I just met with a friend recently and she lost 30 lbs on the Keto diet.  If you want it bad enough then you can make it happen!

In my opinion, you find success (by your standards) when you start being true to yourself and taking a stand on something. This is when you will start moving in the direction of your dreams and start contributing significant value to others.  In some instances, we have been told what to do all of our lives that we no longer think for ourselves.  If you’re not living your dream- then take the time you need in nature to reflect and listen to your heart.

I am so grateful that every day I wake up I get the opportunity to make a difference. Through my non profit, this business,  writing and videos- I am a part of changing peoples mindsets about health and aging- and do my best to be an advocate for fighting obesity. Thank you to those who have shown your support so far.

So I encourage you to keep going- and don’t ever give up on your dream.  Every single person has something beautiful to offer the world- including you!

Do you have an encouraging story you’d like to share?  Please leave in the comments below!

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