Bear Mountain #54 Hike- Sedona, AZ

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Bear Mountain is the most difficult yet enjoyable trail I’ve hiked in Sedona. I had the opportunity to hike Bear Mountain with my Hiking, Biking, and Socials MeetUp. The 5 mile hike took our group approximately 4.5 hours. It takes this long because the climb is constant. The fact that the scenery is so unbelievably beautiful makes the hike up there more tolerable.  Like so many of the trails in Sedona- this one is very popular. Since we went in December, there were less people than usual.  The ideal times to hike are Spring and Autumn.  

Be prepared to climb over, along and through red rock ridges.  This hikes requires being in good health and reasonable trail navigation skills. There are white markers along the way, but it is still possible to get off trail. In some areas, you will actually be climbing up the rocks vs. hiking. 

Additional Details:

  • Parking Fee: $5 Red Rock Pass- can buy at the Trailhead parking lot. 
  • Difficulty:  Strenuous
  • Elevation: 1,803 feet, Trailhead sits at 4,613 feet so you will finish at 6,453 feet. 
  • Mileage: 5 miles Round Trip- out and back
  • Facilities:  Drop toilet, no water
  • Dogs:  Allowed


Here are the images I took with my Iphone. I wanted to take my Canon, but I was concerned about climbing with it since it’s so much bulkier and heavier than my Iphone.

What are your thoughts on the Sedona Landscape?!  Have you hiked in Sedona before?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  

Thanks for taking the time to read- and have an Amazing Day!!

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