Does Wealth Affect Perspective on Nature?

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This post are my thoughts on whether or not wealth affects how people spend time in nature and the benefits of nature in general Some of this content is based on my observations and some of it is based on studies I’ve read. This idea has crossed my mind off and on for several months now when I started doing customer research.

The thought refuses to leave so here I am writing about it.
Okay, so I need to begin with stating that I am absolutely blessed to live in a State that has an abundance of public land to play on- BLM, National, State, and City parks.

I realize private land is part of capitalism. I’m not knocking this at all. The main idea here is that even the lowest income bracket has access to public land which is abundant and offers a playground for people to maintain healthy lives. Nature is one of the best solutions for a positive mental and physical state.

I personally would rather spend a week in the woods than a 5 star hotel on the beach. For me, Being in nature is living the dream. And anybody (at least in the States) has unfettered access to the great outdoors.
According to one study I read- REI places their stores in wealthier areas- those who make between $100-150k.

These customers go hiking, camping, rock climbing etc. From what I’ve gathered, There is a point though where these activities no longer appeal to the rich.

Another study I read indicated that millionaires prefer golfing and skiing. Manicured perfect green grass compared to the imperfect chaotic unkept grounds of the Forest floor.

Does the ego kick in after so much wealth is obtained? Where being in the woods or climbing on rocks is no longer appealing? Is nature a frequency below wealth?!

Movies often portray people that love nature as nut jobs too- homeless hippies. This agenda must be pushed because we won’t keep buying if we’re content in the woods.

Hollywood is elitist so they could be playing an intentional role in consumerism. Although there are some celebs I guess who do hike the hills in LA. I have yet to hear of a millionaire or billionaire that loves to frolic in the woods.

I love nature because it’s simple. You can just exist among the trees without needing to impress them or prove yourself. No drama, no fighting- just peace & quiet under the big open beautiful bright blue sky.
It boggles my mind that we have so many things in our society to deal with when we only have to meet a few basic needs- food/water, shelter and security. Why have we complicated our lives so much? Everything revolves around the dollar. Paying for stuff separates those who actually work from the free loaders- I get this. Going to the woods (or desert) to play is a surefire way to escape the hectic living many of us are succumbed to.

I can honestly say that even if a million dollars fell in my lap tomorrow I would not be planning a beach vacation. I’d be going to my nearest RV or CamperVan dealer.

This post is not a dig on the super wealthy or capitalism- but there has to be another way.. Just wanted to get my thoughts out there. Am I wrong? Are you or Do You know millionaires who like to camp, mountain bike or go backpacking? Do share- leave your comments below!

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