Staying Healthy and Energetic as You Age

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Meet Ernestine Shepherd-  Yes, this lady really is over 80 years old.  She’s a professional trainer, model, and bodybuilder!


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She is an amazing example of how anyone can transform their mind and body at any age.  Ernestine didn’t even start working out until she was in her 50’s.  Take the mindset that you can get fit, lose weight, or whatever your goal may be.

Stop yourself – if you say things like “Getting big thighs is just something that happens as women age”, or “I am way too out of shape now to ever get back into shape”.   These are all excuses and just BS.

We have verbiage in our society that does not always support the idea that we can maintain our fitness like this as we age.  Take the word RETIRE for example.  RE = again, and TIRE is short for TIRED.  So once you quit working your butt off for 40 + years, you can look forward to STILL being tired.

If you read the 40 hour work week by Tim Ferris, you’ll see just how bogus the whole retirement thing is anyway.  So many retirees ARE too tired to do anything in their later years because their health has gone down the drain.  My father passed away in less than 1 year after retirement.  He had all sorts of health problems- and before his death his life was consumed with going to the Doctors.

So don’t wait until your “retired” before you start actually living your life.  Go on that vacation to Spain now!  Start hiking now!  Start spending more time with your family now!

Just look around and you will see the number of overweight people.  Weight seems to creep in as one ages due to inactivity and poor eating habits.    It is never too late to get your groove back- just use Ernestine as your inspiration.  Start with Walks around the block then slowly move into lifting weights and hiking- or whatever fitness activity you find enjoyable.  Hiking & Yoga are the two main activities I enjoy the most- but I also play tennis, snowboard, disc golf (I’m not a pot head), mountain bike and play with my kids on the playground.

So make up your mind that you will be fit like this lady when you’re her age.  It doesn’t matter where you are now- if you are overweight, have diabetes or high blood pressure.  You can take those steps now towards being healthy and active for your entire life.


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