10 Signs You’re Living Your Purpose

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I’ve had a fun and challenging journey to living the outdoor life I’ve always wanted.  I still have days that don’t quite go the way I’d like and there are still many goals that I have not achieved.  However, my mindset has shifted tremendously in the past several years since I really honed in how I can add value in this world through living my passion.

I wanted to share these 10 signs with you to provide inspiration in your journey.

#1 No Need for Approval

Now that you are living your life with purpose, you no longer need to get approval from others.  Their negative reactions don’t stop you in your tracks. This sign is #1 because I believe this is a huge reason why so many people stop living their dreams. Sometimes, friends and family don’t want you to succeed- so they won’t support you.

Before I started this website, I told one person in particular that I wanted to name it Misty Outdoors. This individual stated that it was not a good name and that people would think of gray and gloomy.  I went home that day and bought the domain Mistyoutdoors.com.  I never shared this with them and they still don’t know about this site as far as I know.  I have nothing to prove so I never shared it with them.  It is possible that some who hear the name now will think of gray and gloomy- but I don’t care!

Sometimes, we look for approval from friends and family and it can backfire.  They don’t always give the best advice.

I used to ask friends and family what they would think about certain things and sometimes it was met with criticism. There is nothing wrong with feedback but with some of them, this is ALL they would give me.  This was discouraging, so I stopped.

#2 You’re a Leader

You become more responsible and take accountability for your actions. You realize that if something doesn’t get accomplished, that you are to blame the majority of the time. You may find that your self management skills improve- you carve time out of your day to write that article or make the cold calls.  You are also  more confident in your decision making.  There are instances where you will need to reach out to someone to get more information, etc. but you are more decisive and choosy about these times. Now that you have a vision of where you want to go- you are more careful about who you ask.

#3 Focus on the Positive

You will continue to have setbacks and have things that you planned fall through.  There may be people that you are trying to work with or make that sale to that never call you back.  You don’t let this get you down like you used to.

I still have people I’ll call for partner videos and so on that don’t get back to me.  I don’t focus on this and start wondering if I did something wrong.   This is not productive so I simply move to my next video that I have planned.   You just keep plugging away!

#4 Stop the Negative Self Talk

You may need to try a variety of steps, etc to accomplish your goals.  For instance if you are starting a business selling products there will be a learning curve in your marketing skills.  You won’t be as quick to judge yourself and think that you are not competent etc.  You know that with any endeavor, you must gain certain knowledge and skills first and then build upon those.  The negative self talk is replaced with positive language that you will learn what you need to and accomplish your goals no matter what.

#5 You Provide Value in People’s Lives

I can’t think of one instance where someone was living their life purpose and was not adding value in people’s lives-unless that persons life purpose is to be a hermit.  Now that you know your why, your mission becomes crystal clear to help as many people in this area as possible.

When I finally listened to my heart and discovered my why, I realized how many people need to hear my message.  I am advocating a youthful, active, long and healthy life for those who play outdoors in nature.  I truly believe this with every fiber in my being. Every time I see folks who are obese or barely be able to get out of the cars, it pushes me even more.

#6 Hearing No Motivates You

There may have been a time where hearing NO could shut you down fast, but not anymore! You know your ideas, vision and mission is important and you move forward, under, over and sideways to accomplish it.  You are now one of those people that don’t stop at no.  In sales, they teach that about 1 out of every 8 conversations will turn into a YES.  This isn’t always the case however; Tony Robbins shares a story in his seminars about Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken).  He received 1,009 rejections, Yes- that is  right- 1,009 No’s before he got his first Yes!

If your progress is slow- you are not discouraged.  You simply analyze what is working and what isn’t.  An example of this in my life now is my You Tube Channel.  I currently have 4 subscribers- but I will have this channel five years from now even if I stay at 4 subscribers. I’m making a difference for these people- they signed up  right?!

#7 You are Dreaming Big

This is one of the most exciting changes to take place!  So many are afraid to dream in case it never comes true.  But you know now that if it’s never in your mind then it’s not going to happen.  For example, perhaps you have gone from thinking that your business could be local to now an International Online store.  I did debate on whether to add this one.  Dreaming big is often associated with a lot of money, fancy vacations, etc. but this isn’t always the case. Maybe for you, dreaming big is to take your entire family on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Hey-whatever it is, you know now that you can set your goal and make it happen!

#8 You Love the Challenge

You used to be intimidated by venturing into a new area or expanding your knowledge and skill sets.  Now, you welcome challenging projects with open arms.  When something doesn’t go as planned you know you’re not a failure. You realize that your body and mind are designed to learn incrementally and you are building upon your skill sets every single day.  When I started writing articles it would take me twice the amount of time that it does now.  The more you do something the better you will get.  Nothing stops you either. I’m not advocating working completely solo, but if you are trying to get someone to help you with something and it doesn’t come through-there is always another way!

#9 You are Having Fun!

Being inspired and working towards your passion is fun!  Your perspective on the work you need to accomplish has changed drastically.  You no longer procrastinate because of the urgency you feel inside.  You don’t dread the work and you think with your heart as much as you do with your mind.  Every action is purposeful and efficient. Your days are successful because you’re working towards your dreams and goals.  When you enjoy what you do, your creativity comes alive and you can barely keep up.  This is when you will want to start keeping a journal of all your amazing ideas.

#10 Boost in Confidence

As I’ve noted several times throughout articles on this site, I owe my life to the outdoors. The boost in confidence from being competent in outdoor recreation counteracted the teasing I grew up with.  You have had a similar experience where your love and passion has increased your confidence and self esteem. You don’t let negative comments get to you like you used to.  You love and believe in yourself (this is not egotistical either).  This beautiful new outlook of yours is infectious and others love being around you.


These 10 Signs are based upon my experience and what I hear from those I work with.  Have other thoughts that would be inspirational?   Please leave your comments below!  Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

Have an amazing day!!

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