Apache Junction, AZ

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Apache Junction is a town that is less than an hour away from me.  The population is approximately 40,000 and has grown steadily since 1990.  Apache Junction is known for their outdoor recreation and tourism. My two favorite places include Goldfield Ghost Town and Superstition Mountains.  These mountains are home to one of the most difficult hikes in all of AZ- Flat Iron.  People underestimate this hike- I recently heard that 40 people in one day had to be rescued.  I can attest- this hike is very difficult and if you decide to hike it, just make sure you are well prepared.

I wanted to share some photos of this area so you can see how amazing it is if you’ve never been to AJ before!

These are the Superstition Mountains- and one of the most common photographed landscapes.  I took this one mid day- so the lighting is not as dramatic.  The best place to go if you want to hike here is to start at Lost Dutchman State Park.  There is a fee to park, but it will take you directly into the parking lots where the trails begin.


Cactus Bones (Illegal to take)


Old Church at the Superstition Museum


This is an operational miniature train track & town displayed at the Superstition Museum. They accept donations.  I know they are only open at certain times of the year.  This sits behind the main museum so sometimes visitors don’t even realize it’s there.


Goldfield Ghost Town-  This is such a fun place.  Watch a shoot out, take a jeep ride or just hit the cute little shops.  This is the place where I get my products that I sell through Misty Outdoors.  Be sure to visit Siphon Draw Apothecary!

One of the Stores in Goldfield- You can definitely find one of a kind gifts at this place!


If you are interested in learning more about this place, or would like to go on a photography hike, please contact me!



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