10 Reasons Why I love Being a Tree Hugger

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This was a stop during my hike on the Six Shooter Trail.


The term tree hugger definitely has negative connotations. In movies, etc, tree huggers can be characterized as crazy people hugging trees to keep them from being cut down by industrialists.

The meaning behind acts like this are deeper than people realize for those that love the outdoors.  The natural environment serves as a place for people to maintain their physical and mental well being, connect with friends and family, and fill their soul with all of the beauty it provides.  You can even call me a granola or hick- that is fine by me.

So here are the reasons I love being a Tree Hugger.

Reason #1

The outdoors is my playground; there are never any excuses for not staying healthy.  Even taking a jump rope to the park takes minimal effort.

Reason #2

The sights and sounds of the forest and desert are way more pleasant than seeing concrete and smelling fumes from the cars in the City.

Reason #3

Nature is healing and restorative-  studies have proven over and over again how nature benefits our health.

Reason #4

I love getting back to the basics. When I am in camp, I’m not worried about my phone, emails, etc.  My mind can completely relax.

Reason #5

I stay extremely active in the outdoors and I need this space because I don’t like gyms. I hike and mountain bike on a weekly basis.

Reason #6

The more time I spend in nature, the more I care about the condition of it.  I am not stating this to brag- but it’s to the point where I can’t even stand seeing garbage. I pick up trash at the park on my morning walks.

Reason #7

I get to enjoy delicious Dutch Oven Breakfast, lunches, and dinners. This is the method of cooking we use the most in our Youth camps.

Reason #8

I am more connected to others than ever before.  The folks that love the outdoors are literally some of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met.  They are authentic, honest, real- and want to experience life to it’s fullest.

Reason #9

Learning and growing with new outdoor skills is giving me an even greater sense of well being and confidence.

Reason #10

I get to share this lifestyle with my kids and the people I love most.  I look forward to the dates I set for my camps, hiking, and mountain biking.  Because I always have something going on- I truly love waking up every day and I enjoy my life to the fullest every single day!


What are your thoughts on the term Tree Hugger?  What are your reasons for loving the outdoors?  Please leave a comment below.

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