Kachina Trail- Flagstaff, AZ

The Kachina Trail in by far one of my favorite hikes in Flagstaff! The forest path that begins from SnowBowl, takes you winding through Pine, Douglas Fir and Aspen Trees.

You’ll get expansive views of Flag along the way, but there isn’t a peak you hike to or even waterfall to reach. These “rewards” are not needed on this hike.  The enjoyment started from the very first step; from seeing the fallen leaves on the ground, smelling the trees in the dense forest and the feeling the fresh mountain air.

I scheduled this with my Meetup (Mid-October)  and it turned out that two of us hiked from the 10 or so who originally signed up. This gave my friend and I more time to break when we wanted and to take pictures. During our 5 miles out and 5 miles back, we saw no one else on the Trail.

There are a few places where you could possibly get off track- but as long as you use an app and/or a map you’ll be fine.  Some of these pics I took with my Canon- and others I used my Cell Phone.

This is the beginning of the hike.



The leaves line the pristine path to glory



The Trail Signs


Getting my pic taken while I take pictures


Besides my kids- this is all I need in the World


Amazing Aspen Groves along the Way


On the way back…


I can’t wait to hike this trail again- it was long enough to be great exercise, but not too strenuous.  This place is incredible and I highly recommend this hike!

Have experience with hiking Kachina?  What are your thoughts?  Please leave a comment below.


Happy Hiking!!

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