Hike in Performance! Team Member Wellness Program

Our goal is for hiking to become a healthy lifestyle for your employees, and not something they do just every once in a while.  This program is for team members who are interested in hiking , but haven’t taken the initiative to go.  It’s also intended for people who know they need to be more active, and want a way that doesn’t feel like exercise.

This program includes:

  • On-site presentation
  • Weekly Hike in Performance! Hike. Six-week program with hikes every Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. Our winter session begins Jan. 4 and runs through Feb. 8.  Hikes are at various locations around the Phoenix area and are between 2 and 4 miles in length. Each week we send out an email detailing the hike for the coming Thursday, as well as hiking tips and resources.


Cost: $85 per employee or $99 if your company only wants the on site presentation.

Reach new Heights! Live with Passion and Purpose

Are you ready to take your life to a new level?  Want to live every day with passion and purpose for what you do?  The outdoors is the best place to be inspired, get creative, and find the fire within!  Join me for a facilitated hiking session where you will go through a series of guided questions to help you get to the heart of what drives you.  This combined session of hiking and introspection is the perfect solution for those who want to start living their life with purpose today.


Cost:  $99 per person