We are so fortunate in Phoenix to have some of the most top notch trails in the Country.  Phoenix was voted one of the best hiking cities in the world by National Geographic!  With over 40,000 acres of desert and mountains, there are trails for every level.

Whether you live in Phoenix or are visiting from out of town, I can work with you to customize hikes/hiking program that best suits your needs.  With some of these, I combine my background of corporate training and photography to create a custom one of a kind Hike!


Tailored Hiking Services

Personal Guided Hikes

This is for you if you are visiting Phoenix or are a resident and not familiar with the area.  Since I tailor the hikes (length, elevation, etc.) to your liking, we will discuss before hand what your level of fitness is and preferences.

Hike in Performance

Are you ready for a change in your life?  Want to add more value in other peoples lives?  This is a hike where we will make stops along the way for a facilitated session. The facilitation is an engaging method to help you break out of your rut and start taking charge of your life.

Desert Photography Hikes

During the hike, I will show you how to capture beautiful images of the AZ desert.  Whether you have an Iphone or DSLR, you will learn how to take your photography skills to the next level.

Team Building Hikes

This hike is designed to help strengthen communication among the team and develop trust. Activities will be incorporated into the hike to assist with problem-solving and working together to come up with solutions.

Peak Performance Presentations

These presentations are geared towards small to mid-size businesses. If you have a wellness program and would like to expand into hiking, then these presentations will work well.   Below are some of the topics:


  • Introduction to Hiking (For Beginners)
  • Hiking in Phoenix
  • How Hiking Creates a Culture of Health Conscious and High Performing Team Members
  • How to Make Time for Hiking and/or the Outdoor Lifestyle (A life changing time transformation presentation)



Pricing varies depending on the number of people, locations, etc.  If you would like to discuss one of the hiking options,  please Contact me Here or email me @ mistyoutdoorsinaz@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting- and have an amazing day!