Beginners Tips to Start Running – Keep it Sweet & Simple

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I used to run in College about 40 miles a week- and I wasn’t even in track.  I did this because I love how running makes me feel.  I decided to incorporate running into my workout routines now mainly to build up endurance.  Last week when I was hiking uphill, I was the one being waited on.  Ummm-that so does not work for me.  🙂     Even though I hike and bike on a very regular basis, I do not have as much stamina & endurance as I should.  Therefore- I am creating a plan to run 5 miles at a comfortable pace within 8 weeks.  Here are some thoughts I want to share with you if you decide to start running as well.

Select a plan– but then modify as needed. A search for “Beginners Running Plan” will give you a plethora of schedules to choose from.  Decide on the one that you most closely align with and just know that you can always modify. I selected a plan that begins with 1 mile, 2-3 times a week.  I often have time constraints so when necessary, I will just run within a certain time frame and then track the mileage.  Right now I probably run a 10 minute mile- I’m not breaking any records that’s for sure.

Equipment needed is minimal.  A good pair of running shoes and workout clothes is all you need. One of the least expensive forms of exercise out there!  I just bought these shoes on Amazon- and I’m going to do a review.  They are not the most expensive- but they had pretty good ratings for the price.  If I start running marathons, then I know I’ll need to invest in a more expensive pair.

Stay positive and don’t be too hard on yourself.  If you are brand new to running then you really want to be patient.  Build your mileage slowly so you don’t burn out or feel like a loser because you can’t run as far as you would like.

Make this a priority in your life if you’re serious about your health goals. Maybe you want to lose weight, or like me, boost your lung capacity and cardio vascular health.  To make time for running, keep track for a week of what you spend your time on.  If you watch TV, get on FB, scroll through YouTube then you have TIME to RUN!

Reward yourself!  Write your goals down- and then when you hit the mark, celebrate your achievement.  I have been on a 12 week plan to limit my sugar, etc. but when I hit 3 miles I’m baking my homemade Chocolate Cake. My kids might get a couple of pieces. 

These are tips that are motivating me to start my journey with running again.  I hope this has helped you too!

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