Quick & Fun Circuit Training Workout

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This circuit workout is my go to when I want to have a more full body workout but I’m limited on time.  I basically run to the park and then do a series of stretches and body weight exercises at each of the benches/park structures.  These benches are essentially my “stations”.  I run as quickly as I can between each one for the HIIT portion of my workout.   This is an excellent integrated workout that includes strength training, flexibility, cardio, aerobic, and balance.  For the stretching I incorporate different yoga poses which are always great for balance.

Pull ups from the fountain- legs are extended and my bottom is low off the ground.

For approximately 30-45 minutes, this is my routine:

Run to the park (10 minutes)

Go to the first bench (1-2 sets of 10-15 pushups) (Stretch)

Run fast to the next bench (1-2 sets of 10-15 Tricep Dips) (Stretch)

Run fast to the next bench (1-2 Sets of 10-15 Wide Squat Lunges) (Stretch).

Run fast to the next bench (1-2 Sets of 10-15 side lunge)(Stretch)

Run fast to the next Water Fountain/Play Structure (1-2 Sets of 10-15 pull ups) (Stretch)

Run back home (10 minutes)

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